Driving Success at BMW Group: idealworks’ AMRs Revolutionize Automotive Manufacturing

Erschienen in Industrial Production: Mit AMR zum Erfolg auf der Überholspur

As a provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for BMW Group, idealworks has solidified its position as an automotive expert, propelling the industry forward with cutting-edge technology. In a remarkable success story that spans multiple BMW Group plants, idealworks has transformed the logistics landscape, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and safety.  

The collaboration between idealworks and BMW Group is not only a testament to their shared history but also a pioneering force that sets new standards in the automotive industry. This unique relationship allows for a deep understanding of BMW Group’s specific needs and challenges, resulting in tailor-made solutions that drive operational excellence. idealworks’ expertise in the automotive industry enables them to anticipate BMW’s requirements, delivering innovative and reliable solutions that fuel success. 

Driving the Public Perception of BMW’s Logistics 

The implementation of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem at BMW Group plants has been instrumental in advancing the public perception of BMW Group’s logistics capabilities. With successful rollouts in prominent manufacturing facilities such as Regensburg, Dingolfing, Munich, and Spartanburg (USA) the impact of idealworks’ technology is undeniable. Moreover, plans for further deployments in the manufacturing network, including Steyr (AT), Hams Hall (UK) and Leipzig, are already underway, solidifying BMW Group’s commitment to embracing the latest technological advancements. 

The Group’s unwavering dedication to embracing the latest technology is evident in its reliance on idealworks’ robotics ecosystem. By choosing AMRs over automated guided vehicles (AGVs), BMW Group has established itself as a pioneer in the industry. The superiority of AMRs becomes apparent in mixed traffic environments and brownfield settings, where flexibility and adaptability are paramount. idealworks’ AMRs seamlessly navigate these complex environments, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety. 

“idealworks’ robotics ecosystem has revolutionized our logistics operations at BMW Group. Their advanced solution portfolio and expertise have driven remarkable improvements in efficiency, flexibility, and safety across our plants, establishing new industry benchmarks and propelling the Group towards even greater success.” 

Peter Kiermaier, Head of Industrialization Innovations and Logistics Planning Dingolfing & Debrecen at BMW Group  

Unparalleled Deployment 

Beyond providing AMRs, idealworks and BMW Group collaborate closely to integrate third-party devices, including mobile robots, into the robotics ecosystem. This strategic partnership enables the Group to optimize its operations further, streamlining processes and maximizing productivity. By leveraging idealworks’ expertise in the automotive industry and beyond, BMW Group gains a competitive edge and the ability to meet evolving market demands. 

idealworks’ technology makes a remarkable impact with close to 600 iw.hubs operational at BMW Group plants. These intelligent AMRs undertake about 30.000 missions per day, traversing vast distances to deliver critical components and streamline workflows. The substantial volume of missions and kilometers covered is a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem. 

Exceptional Reliability with 98% Availability 

One of the key measures of success is the availability of idealworks’ solution: At 98%, BMW Group benefits from the consistent performance of the AMRs. This high rate ensures uninterrupted operations, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity. 

The success story of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem at BMW Group plants is a tale of innovation, collaboration, and technological prowess. By choosing AMRs for its highly complex production environment, BMW Group has embraced a superior solution that enhances efficiency, flexibility, and safety in its logistics operations. With their shared history and commitment to innovation, the Munich-based companies continue to shape the automotive landscape, setting new standards and propelling the industry forward. 

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With iw.sim, we bring together virtual environments and real-world logistics facilities, along with robots and IoT devices, to create powerful simulations of logistics processes. Our goal is simple: to empower engineering teams with rapid and precise simulations tailored to their specific needs. With iw.sim, testing, monitoring, and evaluating new robots or entire logistics operations has never been easier.

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idealworks’ Collaboration With NVIDIA
Following our press release about the integration of NVIDIA technologies into our robotics ecosystem, we are excited to share that our ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA has brought several significant milestones for our company.

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