idealworks and Alphabet Make AMRs More Accessible

March, 2021

Leveling the playing field: at idealworks, we know of companies’ growing interest in automating their business processes, as the benefits of using autonomous mobile robots directly impact their ability to compete. In collaboration with Alphabet, BMW Group’s fleet management subsidiary, we now offer customers the option to lease our AMR iw.hub.

As an attractive and state-of-the-art solution to combat ongoing labor shortages and rising costs, the use of robots is taken into consideration by many companies all over the world. In times of a pandemic, one of the major perks of our leasing program is that we make AMRs even more accessible to manufacturers of any size, especially those facing operational and economic challenges.

By offering to lease our iw.hub, we enable relevant businesses to rapidly deploy the AMR with minimal capital expenditure — allowing customers to immediately capitalize on the benefits of automation. But does leasing warrant the hype?

a) Minimal Upfront Costs

Minimal upfront costs instead of a substantial initial capital expense: our leasing program is designed to let businesses deploy the iw.hub with low monthly payments. Many companies prefer the leasing of their logistics equipment as opposed to buying — we are listening to the needs of potential customers and are thus lowering the barriers to entry, which in the past would have been cost-prohibitive. This in turn allows companies to compete with market leaders.

The monthly fee of the leasing depends on the total length of the leasing period, e.g. amounting to EUR 1,379 a month during a 36-month leasing contract. Lease lengths vary between two, three, four, or even 4.5 years and can be chosen depending on what fits the customer’s needs best.

b) Short Implementation Period

The iw.hub combines industry-leading computing power and proven hardware to automate intralogistics workflows in industrial environments. One of our USPs is our extremely short implementation time of approximately two days; this is due to the fact that we do not need to make any structural adjustments to the scene. Why is that important? Because it enables our customers to quickly get started reaping the benefits offered by implementing AMRs.

c) Testing & Scaling as Needed

Beyond avoiding a large upfront investment, our leasing program offers customers the ability to scale as needed. That means that additional AMRs can be added or subtracted to the automated workforce as required, which is a great advantage for businesses that need to ramp up for unforeseen market changes. Hence, our leasing program is not only low-risk and financially-friendly, it really lets companies accelerate automation in their warehouses.

What’s more? If companies are rather unexperienced when it comes to the use of autonomous mobile robots in intralogistics, our leasing program gives them the opportunity to test AMRs for the first time through the deployment of our intelligent and robust w.hub.

d) Upskilling the Workforce

AMRs are not only safe and easy to deploy — two reasons of why their popularity is booming — they also help customers conduct repetitive, monotonous, and once injury-prone tasks. Through industrial automation and the deployment of our iw.hub, workers are given time for more higher-value duties, including problem-solving and developing new ideas. Automation helps businesses’ productivity increase, which then again can enhance company growth and create new jobs.

e) Is This the End?

It is certainly not. At the end of the finance term, our customers will have the option to buy the iw.hub, extend the term, or — and we really just mention this for the sake of completeness — return the equipment.

Lease and test our iw.hub now!

By offering a leasing program, we enable manufacturers to reap the rewards of industrial automation without impacting cash flow or worrying about seasonal fluctuations. #Meetyournewteamplayer and benefit of maximum quality, productivity, and profitability!

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