idealworks’ Robotics Ecosystem to Integrate NVIDIA AI, NVIDIA Omniverse, and NVIDIA Isaac Technologies

Munich, June 2, 2024. idealworks, a leading deep-tech company in the realm of industrial automation, is excited to announce that its robotics portfolio will soon integrate NVIDIA AI, NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA Isaac technologies to advance both the development and adoption of vision AI robots. idealworks will showcase its robotics portfolio at COMPUTEX 2024, an event  taking place from June 4th to June 7th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center that spotlights the latest breakthroughs in AI driving the new industrial revolution. With over 1,500 exhibitors from 26 countries and an expected crowd of 50,000 attendees, COMPUTEX is one of the world’s premier technology events.  

idealworks is excited to display its innovative use of NVIDIA technologies within its robotics products, helping drive advancements in industrial automation in production and logistics.  

“On our journey of innovation, our collaboration with NVIDIA has been steadfast for multiple years, marking a long-standing commitment to revolutionizing industrial automation. This enduring relationship has empowered us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in robotics technology,” said Jimmy Nassif, CTO of idealworks. 


Key highlights of idealworks products to be integrated with NVIDIA technology include: 

  • Intelligent Automation Platform, AnyFleet:
    The center piece of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem, the AnyFleet platform will leverage NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs for seamless data interchange between multiple platforms, including NVIDIA RTX-enabled rendering environments and high-fidelity physics-based simulations. This integration of accessible, real-time HMI data with high-quality NVIDIA RTXpowered simulation technology helps idealworks to offer increased operational efficiency and enhanced automation using idealworks solutions.  
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot, iw.hub:
    The iw.hub, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin, will utilize the NVIDIA JetPack software development kit to accelerate real-time decision making through parallel computing, delivering high performance and reliability in autonomous navigation and material handling. This cutting-edge AMR is a testament to idealworks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation. 
  • Robotics Operating System, iw.os:
    iw.os will employ NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor, featuring enhanced visual AI and sensor fusion. This advanced system enables precise object recognition and environmental awareness, thereby facilitating smarter and safer robotic operations.  


idealworks remains committed to innovation and excellence in automation technology. Harnessing the power of NVIDIA’s technologies, idealworks is poised to lead the next wave of industrial transformation, helping drive productivity and efficiency in logistics operations worldwide. 

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Sarah Kuehn
Corporate Communications 


About idealworks 

As a forward-thinking deep tech company, idealworks has been enabling the future of logistics and industrial automation since November 2020. Its flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem, featuring the intelligent automation platform AnyFleet for seamless mobile robot integration, the CE-certified autonomous mobile robot (AMR) iw.hub, the simulation technology iw.sim, and the advanced robotics operating system iw.os, is reshaping intralogistics processes for companies globally. Emerging from its roots as a BMW Group spinoff, idealworks is committed to driving efficiency and operational optimization in a rapidly evolving automation landscape.    


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