Smart transport teamwork

CE certified

Certified to operate and cooperate.

Flexible and strong

Independent lifting and carrying up to 1000 kg.

Fully collaborative

Safe in heavy mixed traffic areas and narrow paths.

8 hours of power

Operate a full shift with 8 hours of battery life.

Fast and nimble

Deliveries up to 8kmph with adaptive safety fields.

Modular construction

Modular steel frame for access and maintenance.

Connected in the cloud

Compute on the edge, controlled by a cloud ecosystem.


Decision-making on the edge

The first compact industrialized computer actively cooled and certified to operate in industrial environments. Powering iw.hub with a Nvidia AGX GPU enables complex decision-making and AI inference on the edge.


Working together, safe and sound

Our iw.hubs are equipped with two SICK Microscan3 Pro LIDARs, providing a 360º safety field for detecting surrounding obstacles. These fields allow iw.hubs to navigate safely around pedestrians, other robots, and stray forklifts.


Fully-charged, sustainable logistics

All-electric and powered by recycled BMW i-Series batteries, iw.hubs can deliver up to eight hours on a single charge, providing a full-working shift of automated intralogistics — proven by BMW for performance and reliability.


Intelligence and accuracy built-in

Combining LIDAR sensor data with image and depth data from a LIPS AE400, iw.hub can better understand distances and details — making it easier to navigate complex environments.

GPUDecision-making on the edge
LidarWorking together, safe and sound
BatteryFully-charged, sustainable logistics
RGB-DIntelligence and accuracy built-in

Made flexible in Germany

Engineered and assembled in Germany, iw.hub is built for reliability, repairability and durability in challenging production environments.

Flexible dolly system

Autonomously load and unload dollies for flexible workflows and missions with a variety of payloads.

Custom colours and IDs

iw.hubs are team players and can be customised to order for visibility, branding, or style.

Safety flags for visibility

iw.hubs are designed to work alongside other transport systems, and are easily identified with optional visibility features.

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