The brains of the operation

Computer Vision
Applied intelligence

Combining inputs from the most advanced sensors in autonomous navigation, iw.hubs build a detailed model of the world around them in real-time.

Understanding complex scenes

With advanced computer vision, iw.hub can understand what objects are, how fast they are going, and where they might be heading — enabling them to work safely and efficiently in complex environments.

Path Planning
Autonomous decision making

Leveraging AI-on-the-edge, iw.hub works as part of the team. Using scene segmentation and classification, iw.hub plans safe pathways, reacting to changes quickly — avoiding obstacles, and colleagues, in it’s day-to-day work.


Decision-making on the edge

The first compact industrialized computer actively cooled and certified to operate in industrial environments. Powering iw.hub with a Nvidia AGX GPU enables complex decision-making and AI inference on the edge.


Working together, safe and sound

Our iw.hubs are equipped with two SICK Microscan3 Pro LIDARs, providing a 360º safety field for detecting surrounding obstacles. These fields allow iw.hubs to navigate safely around pedestrians, other robots, and stray forklifts.


Fully-charged, sustainable logistics

All-electric and powered by recycled BMW i-Series batteries, iw.hubs can deliver up to eight hours on a single charge, providing a full-working shift of automated intralogistics — proven by BMW for performance and reliability.


Intelligence and accuracy built-in

Combining LIDAR sensor data with image and depth data from a LIPS AE400, iw.hub can better understand distances and details — making it easier to navigate complex environments.

GPUDecision-making on the edge
LidarWorking together, safe and sound
BatteryFully-charged, sustainable logistics
RGB-DIntelligence and accuracy built-in
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