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We’re reimagining automonous logistics, from plug and play installation to intuitive interaction, idealworks is building your new logistics transport team.


Moving towards the future of logistics

idealworks is focused on building the most intelligent, collaborative, and user-friendly AMRs. Born from our experience in automotive, we are driving intelligent logistics as a service forward.

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Optimised smart transport teamwork

Intelligent, flexible, and robust — iw.hub combines industry leading computing power and proven hardware to automate intralogistics workflows in industrial environments.

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Advanced vision-driven autonomy

Combining inputs from the most advanced sensors in autonomous navigation to build detailed models in real-time.

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Consolidated fleet management

Consolidate fleet management with a single application, powered by new industry standards and open for third-party hardware.

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CompanyMoving towards the future of logistics
HardwareOptimised smart transport teamwork
TechnologyAdvanced vision-driven autonomy
AnyFleetConsolidated fleet management
Connecting partner fleets with VDA 5050 standards

VDA 5050 defines an interface for the communication between AMRs and controlling software, simplifying the process of connecting new devices to existing software. VDA 5050 enables unified operation of AGVs and AMRs from different manufacturers in the same working environment.

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