Consolidate with AnyFleet

Fleet Management

Federated control for fleet orchestration

Consolidate fleet management with a single application. Powered by new industry standards, and open for 3rd party hardware — connect, control, and monitor operations with a flexible, modern UI.

Multiple Locations

Combine locations in a single dashboard

With AnyFleet you can enrol new devices, organise fleets, define tasks, monitor missions and generate reports — all in a day’s work. Seamlessly manage multiple facilities and orchestrate complex operations through an intuitive UI.

Unified Fleet Data

Flexibility and clarity across devices

Built from the ground up to be responsive, AnyFleet is designed to adapt to any device, from tablet to touch screen. Displaying KPIs on the factory floor, or checking missions on mobile — AnyFleet reacts dynamically, presenting important information clearly.

Real time Visualisation

Data-driven decision making and visibility

Visualise maps in 3D, monitor individual device actions, and keep track of fleet progress; all in real-time with cloud connectivity. Real time data feeds improve transparency, and give you the control you need to keep things running smoothly.

Fleet ManagementFederated control for fleet orchestration
Multiple LocationsCombine locations in a single dashboard
Unified Fleet DataFlexibility and clarity across devices
Real time VisualisationData-driven decision making and visibility
Connecting partner fleets with VDA 5050 standards

VDA 5050 defines an interface for the communication between AMRs and controlling software, simplifying the process of connecting new devices to existing software. VDA 5050 enables unified operation of AGVs and AMRs from different manufacturers in the same working environment.

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