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Intelligent, flexible, and robust – iw.hub combines industry-leading computing power and proven hardware to automate intralogistics workflows in industrial environments.






Companies across all industries are looking to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to increase the flexibility and efficiency of their intralogistics processes. They require AMRs to be robust and reliable, as well as easy to deploy, operate and maintain. In addition, AMRs need to navigate dynamically changing environments and operate safely around humans and in mixed traffic. While these solutions have to adapt to use case-specific requirements and constraints, they still need to ensure a significant increase in process efficiency and an attractive return on investment (ROI).


Powered by state-of-the-art software and hardware, the iw.hub can plan the optimal route to efficiently execute your material flows, while dynamically avoiding obstacles and other vehicles and safely operating around humans. The iw.hub also uses adaptive navigation to recognize and adjust to the changes in your environment. As a software-defined robot, the iw.hub comes with a set of tools that enables supervised autonomy for easy operability and maintainability.


The iw.hub couples industry-proven and CE-certified hardware with cutting-edge software to ensure high operational equipment efficiency while collaborating with human, robots and other factory assets. In addition to its fast implementation, the iw.hub solves client-specific use cases by automating processes in a cost-efficient way.

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Smooth integration with no additional infrastructure required and with limited human supervision



Safe operation around humans in industrial areas ensured by industry standard regulations, including CE certification and ANSI RIA15.08



Operators are equipped with a set of tools enabling supervised autonomy



Combination of industry-proven hardware and adaptive software, ensuring reliable performance in complex environments, with a high operational efficiency



Use of various load carriers possible depending on individual use cases


AI on the Edge

GPU-powered Industrial PC (IPC) allowing smart decision-making and AI inference on the edge.


Autonomous Navigation

The autonomous navigation of the iw.hub requires no additional installation or infrastructure. It allows the robot to dynamically adapt to a mixed and dynamic traffic operation, enabling automated processes with limited human supervision.

The iw.hub is equipped with two SICK Microscan 3 Pro LiDars, which means that its safety fields ensure safe navigation around pedestrians, other robots and different assets such as forklifts.

Speed &
Load Capacity

With up to 2.2 m/s (4.9 mph) in testing environments, the iw.hub is one of the fastest robots on the market. Its load capacity of 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) allows the transportation of large and heavy carriers such as steel boxes or pallets.

This fast and agile delivery of heavy loads is enabled by industry-proven hardware and high-quality components.


Smart Decision-Making

AI on edge is enabled by our proprietary industrial PC that is powered by a Nvidia AGX GPU. This allows the iw.hub to quickly and reliably perform complex AI tasks during operations, enabling it to make smart, informed and adaptive decisions in real time based on the information it receives from its surroundings.

Our solution adopts a privacy and ethics-by-design approach, which is crucial in ensuring that these robots operate within ethical and legal boundaries, respecting the privacy of individuals and safeguarding against potential harm.

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