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iw.os is the ultimate industrial grade robotics software stack enabling advanced robotics and AI functionalities.






With the rapid growth of the robotics industry, traditional robot vendors are seeking to upgrade their older technology with state-of-the-art robotics software with proven industrial performance levels. Meanwhile, newer robot manufacturers are focusing on hardware and mechatronics and looking for reliable, production-ready robotics software to complement their offerings. To make mobile robots smarter and enable AI on the Edge, it is essential to complement fleet management solutions with robotics intelligence solutions at scale. However, the increasing scale and complexity of robotics fleets pose significant challenges to operability and maintainability.


Leveraging its extensive experience in robotics and AI, idealworks has developed iw.os, an end-to-end, software-defined platform for the mobile robot industry. This platform includes all the necessary tools to deploy autonomous vehicles at scale, with tools for operability & maintainability including over-the-air updates and remote access. The iw.os software stack can be deployed on a cutting-edge IPC powered by the latest GPU, enabling the robot to perform complex AI tasks in real time. This robotics intelligence seamlessly complements the high-quality, reliable hardware of an AMR.


iw.os is a modular and adaptable robotics software stack that provides a comprehensive range of features, including autonomous navigation, edge AI, hardware drivers, cloud connectors and DevOps tools. This solution can be adopted by third-party robots to provide advanced robotics capabilities, and even upgrade AGVs to AMRs. The solution is designed to be scalable and hardware-agnostic, with industrial-grade performance that has been proven in over 600 robots across various industries and use cases.

AI on the Edge

The iw.os platform provides pre-trained and optimized deep neural network models for inference on the edge, enabling autonomous mobile robots to collect, analyze and act on data from all their sensors.

By leveraging computer vision and detection algorithms, the robot can better understand its surroundings and make smart, informed and adaptive decisions in real time. Additionally, our solution is designed with a privacy and ethics-by-design approach, which is critical to ensuring that the robots operate ethically and legally, while also respecting the privacy of individuals and preventing potential harm.

By integrating ethical considerations into the design process, we can build a system that is efficient, effective, responsible and trustworthy.

Cloud Connectors

The Cloud Connectors enable a scalable integration of robotics partners into the AnyFleet ecosystem. The ROS-VDA5050-Connector is one of our cloud connectors developed in cooperation with TUM.

It allows robot manufacturers to forward VDA 5050 topics (such as orders, instant actions, error handling or the vehicle state) to the Robot Operating System (ROS) with minimal modifications.

The flexibility of the system enables the development and modification of add-ons based on the open source community and customer feedback, such as order sanity checks, instant actions handling, and AnyFleet onboarding logic.


The iw.os platform provides autonomous navigation using SLAM technology, which requires no additional installation or infrastructure, making it easy to deploy in a variety of settings.

With its ability to dynamically adapt to mixed and dynamic traffic operations, the robot can perform automated processes with limited human supervision, enhancing efficiency and productivity while maintaining a high level of safety and reliability.

The map elements are in line with those of AnyFleet, ensuring the complementarity and synergy of these two independent products.

DevOps Toolkit

The iw.os DevOps toolkit is designed to address the challenges posed by large and geographically distributed fleets of robots, providing support for operability and maintainability of a high number of robots.

Leveraging our expertise in cloud solutions, we offer features such as over-the-air updates, logs management, device provisioning and remote access, to facilitate robotics operations and ensure seamless functionality.

With these capabilities, our toolkit empowers organizations to efficiently manage and maintain their robot fleets, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Hardware Drivers

The hardware and software library of iw.os is designed to be modular, allowing for easy integration of other drivers through its plug-and-play interface.

The in-house EtherCAT master and openCAN protocol provide further development opportunities and enable seamless integration with other systems.

This integrated and complementary approach ensures that the system can evolve with changing needs and requirements, while maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.

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