We enable the logistics of the future by providing the most flexible and scalable robotics ecosystem.


We strive to offer our clients reliable software and hardware solutions to revolutionize their logistics processes. Fostering trust, close collaboration and innovation while supporting the growth of our employees is what we stand for.

idealworks values

We defined our values in order to help our clients to create a holistic robotics ecosystem and to build a company that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people.
Passion  for Results
Our focus in everything we do — how we act, treat our users and clients, and how we build our product — is to create WOW moments for our clients when it comes to both the speed and quality of delivery.
Personal  Growth
We provide the best conditions for our team’s professional and personal growth: taking responsibility from day one, empowering our employees to make decisions and take risks, as well as having a say in their respective fields.
We stand by our word. Only by dealing with each other in a spirit of trust can we earn the respect of our clients and colleagues.
One  Team
We support one another when facing all manner of challenges and live an open and positive failure culture. Sharing success and experiences within the team is what we cherish.
Employee wellbeing is one of our highest priorities. It is important to us that our team is happy, healthy and motivated.
Company History

Driving the future of smart transport logistics


2015 – Starting the project

As a result of a forward-thinking planning condition within the logistics department of the BMW Group in 2015, a new team was formed to revolutionize the world of intralogistics, followed by the goal of leveraging embedded computing, enhancing AI intelligence and forming new partnerships to accelerate the development of the most capable, intelligent and reliable AMR in the automotive industry.

2020 – Founding idealworks

idealworks was founded in the fall of 2020. Based in Munich, Germany, a global team from Australia, France, Germany, Lebanon and the USA was formed to work on superior technology and build relationships with the world’s leading research universities and industry partners to create the most flexible and scalable robotics ecosystem.

2019 – Getting attention

After winning the German Logistics Award 2019 for its Logistics Next project, which included one of idealworks’ core products, BMW saw a huge boost in autonomous robots, with companies from all kinds of different industries and sectors showing interest in exploring our solutions, which are designed for both the challenging environment and the limitations of intralogistics, to meet common needs and achieve greater efficiency.

Since 2021 – Extending our business

Since its inception, the idealworks team has delivered a large number of highly successful and customized projects across various industries. Together with our clients, we started building their customized robotics ecosystems to help them gain a competitive advantage.

idealworks wins with iw.hub

2021 – iw.hub wins IFOY AWARD

idealworks won the International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) AWARD 2021.

The iw.hub is not only in productive use in vast numbers at the BMW plants, but since fall 2021 also outside the parent company at well-known companies in various industries. The distinguished IFOY AWARD once again confirms the significance of the iw.hub as an autonomous mobile robot for both present and future intralogistics.

Our leadership

Get to know our leadership team

Michael Schneider
A renowned automotive expert with vast international experience, Michael brings both strategic and operational leadership excellence. In more than 17 years spent in consulting and automotive, at Rolls-Royce Motorcars and BMW Group, he successfully transformed organizations.
Philipp von Hagen

Philipp brings nearly three decades of experience in international corporate finance. He began his career as an investment banker at Rothschild in London and Frankfurt, before serving for over eight years as Chief Investment Officer at Porsche SE. In his most recent position, Philipp managed a European deep tech venture capital fund.

Jimmy Nassif
An IoT expert with over 15 years of experience in automotive engineering at BMW Group, Jimmy led the AI and digitization lab at BMW Group’s logistics department from 2016 onwards, leveraging innovative solutions in IoT and solving real-world problems in manufacturing and distribution.
Boulos El Asmar

A researcher and computer engineer, Boulos led innovation projects at BMW Group’s IT and logistics divisions. Building agile teams of engineers and research scientists to bring state-of-the-art solutions to end users and empowering smart factories with advanced robots and cloud services is his true calling.

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