Joint Automation Solution at Hannover Messe 2024

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Munich, April 19, 2024. The deep-tech company idealworks and the system integrator BÄR Automation are jointly exhibiting their automation solutions in the Application Park at the Hannover Messe (Hall 5, B28/13). This collaboration also involves the utilization of the Yu 5 Industrial robot from Agile Robots. 

 As part of the Hannover Messe, one of the most important industrial trade fairs in the world, idealworks and BÄR Automation, both part of the Agile Robots Group, will present their innovative cooperation: a driverless transport system (DTS) from BÄR Automation that collaborates seamlessly with the lightweight robot Yu 5 Industrial while maintaining flexibility. This interaction is supported and controlled by the intelligent automation platform AnyFleet from idealworks.

Synergy despite decoupling

Although the DTS and robotic arm complement each other perfectly, they face a dilemma: as they are usually permanently connected to each other, they cannot be used separately. This eliminates alternative applications. Agile Robots, idealworks and BÄR Automation have jointly developed an innovative solution that addresses this problem and improves adaptability by separating the DTS from the robot.  

Instead of permanently mounting the Yu 5 Industrial on the driverless transport system, the robot is attached to a mobile supply station. This enables it to operate autonomously – without an external power supply. If required, the DTS ConTrax floor roller from BÄR Automation can lift the entire station and then transport it to the desired location. Both systems can then return to their respective tasks. 

Maximizing potential

In this way, the skills of the respective robots can be better utilized. For example, the Yu 5 Industrial can be used for order picking, while the DTS handles the transportation of goods. This enables the best possible allocation of resources, which in turn has a positive effect on the ROI of the system. 

On-site consultation

In the Application Park, which is one of the highlights of this year’s trade fair, the automation solution is illustrated by the transportation of BÄR stuffed animals. Experienced experts will be on hand to provide visitors with detailed insights into the individual systems. 



As a forward-thinking deep tech company, idealworks has been enabling the future of logistics and industrial automation since November 2020. Its flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem, featuring the intelligent automation platform AnyFleet, for seamless mobile robot integration, the CE-certified autonomous mobile robot (AMR) iw.hub, the simulation technology iw.sim, and the advanced robotics operating system iw.os, is reshaping intralogistics processes for companies globally. Emerging from its roots as a BMW Group spinoff, idealworks is committed to driving efficiency and operational optimization in a rapidly evolving automation landscape. 

BÄR Automation

BÄR Automation GmbH is a medium-sized system integrator for future-oriented applications in robotics and mechatronics based in Gemmingen, Germany. Founded in 1972, BÄR Automation has established itself as one of the leading specialists in this area through consistent innovation management, capability, and flexibility. The company’s expertise covers the entire value chain, from conception and design to manufacturing and installation of customized automation solutions. In addition to special-purpose machine construction, a further focus is on the development and production of driverless transportation systems for a wide range of applications in assembly, production, and logistics. 

Agile Robots

Agile Robots SE is an international high-tech company based in Munich, Germany, with more than 1,700 employees worldwide. Our mission is to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and robotics by developing systems that combine state- of-the-art force-moment sensing and world-leading image processing technology. This unique combination of technologies allows us to provide user-friendly and affordable robotic solutions that enable intelligent precision assembly. 

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