Unleashing the Power of NVIDIA: idealworks’ Status as Solution Advisor: Consultant 

As NVIDIA Solution Advisor: Consultant, idealworks has forged a deeper relationship with NVIDIA, focusing on achieving training, revenue, and overarching goals, reaping additional benefits.

In the fast-paced world of accelerated computing, NVIDIA stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge solutions — tackling challenges that others can’t. As a proud member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), idealworks has earned the prestigious title of NVIDIA Solution Advisor: Consultant. Let’s delve into what this means and how idealworks is leveraging its Preferred partner status: 

NVIDIA’s Partner Network

The NVIDIA Partner Network serves as a strategic avenue to bring ground-breaking products and solutions to market, structured around 13 diverse partner types. Among these, idealworks proudly holds the title of Solution Advisor: Consultant a partner who provides consultation services and expert advice to customers looking to implement NVIDIA-based solutions or technology. 

As a Preferred partner, idealworks has forged a deeper relationship with NVIDIA, focusing on achieving training, revenue, and overarching goals, reaping additional benefits. The key competency lies in NVIDIA Technologies, granting idealworks a high-level overview of use cases, market opportunities, and technologies across NVIDIA’s extensive accelerated computing portfolio. This partnership places idealworks at the forefront of NVIDIA’s full-stack value, creating solutions that precisely address customer use cases and workloads, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the ever-evolving technological landscape. The reward? Access to exclusive benefits that propel us to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of accelerated computing. 

NVIDIA Omniverse Integration: A Journey Beyond Boundaries

Our journey with NVIDIA took a significant leap when we became NVIDIA Omniverse system integrators. Originating from our work at BMW Group and culminating within idealworks, our qualification was recognized by NVIDIA, inviting us to join their elite partner network.  

At idealworks, we seamlessly integrate Omniverse into various facets of our work: 

  • SORDI: A testament to the versatility of Omniverse, we utilize it for the world’s largest open-source synthetic dataset for efficient AI applications in manufacturing, Synthetic Object Recognition Dataset for Industries (SORDI) 
  • Synthetic Data Generation: Beyond SORDI, we employ Omniverse for internal synthetic data generation, ensuring optimal performance in our projects. 
  • Simulation Platform: Omniverse serves as a robust platform for simulations, enabling us to simulate real-world scenarios with unparalleled accuracy. 
  • Marketing and Content Creation: Visualization pipelines for marketing and content creation become more powerful with Omniverse, thanks to its GPU rendering capabilities. 

However, Omniverse’s advantages extend far beyond conventional 3D workflows:

  • Speed and Performance: GPU rendering, specifically path tracing, accelerates rendering processes, ensuring swift and efficient outcomes. 
  • USD Format: Embracing the Universal Scene Description (USD) format, Omniverse facilitates seamless collaboration and compatibility across diverse platforms. USD is a format for three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics scene descriptions. USD files contain data about 3D graphic elements such as scene layout and the geometry and material appearance of models, animations, and virtual cameras. 
  • Open Ecosystems: Just as idealworks champions open ecosystems like VDA 5050, Omniverse combines 3D workflows with scripting and software workflows, even integrating generative AI capabilities.  

Beyond Omniverse, idealworks has invested years in creating USD-ready,
sim-ready assets tailored for industrial environments. From warehouse assets to specially designed materials, our expertise extends to building assets that seamlessly integrate with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing solutions.

Simulation vs. Animation

idealworks brings a unique perspective to the simulation landscape, emphasizing real-world behavior over mere animation. Our simulation capabilities, powered by NVIDIA, ensure a level of realism that transcends traditional rendering tools. This is reached through physics. For instance, a tire in Omniverse is defined as a tire made of rubber. It looks like rubber, and it bounces when moved. In other, more traditional tools, the material would not perform, it would just move and look like rubber. Hence, animation would just be the movement, but simulation includes real-world behavior, such as gravity and mechanics. 

Future-Ready with NVIDIA

idealworks’ partnership with NVIDIA is not just a collaboration; it’s a journey into the future of accelerated computing. With our preferred status, NVIDIA Technologies competency, and Omniverse integration, we stand ready to redefine possibilities and empower industries through the transformative power of NVIDIA’s solutions. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of computing, where innovation knows no boundaries.

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