Introducing the Cloud Connectors

April, 2022

Rolling out our Cloud Connectors: We are excited to announce the work around ROS-VDA5050-Connector, connecting VDA 5050 in version 1.1 on the vehicle side to the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework, facilitating the integration of third-party devices into our cloud platform AnyFleet as an alternative to the VDA 5050 standardized interface. The beta version of ROS-VDA5050-Connector is available as open source.

Gracing the Microphone: CEO Michael Alexander Schneider in ‘BVL Podcast’
Tune in to ‘BVL Podcast‘ episode #187 with our CEO Michael Alexander Schneider! Podcast host Boris Felgendreher will be your guide as we uncover the secrets of innovation and technology, diving deep into the world of our robotics ecosystem and the game-changing development in our shareholder setup with Agile Robots AG and BMW Group.
Press Release idealworks BMW
idealworks: BMW Group Subsidiary Gains Agile Robots AG as Majority Shareholder
Munich-based technology company Agile Robots AG is joining idealworks, a subsidiary of the BMW Group founded at the end of 2020, as a strategic investor.

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