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Published in German on October 4, 2023 in Industrial Production and online (pp 26-27)

Discover the driving force behind our remarkable success story with BMW Group in Industrial Production’s October issue! Join us on a journey through cutting-edge technology, streamlined processes, and a commitment to excellence.

Success in the Fast Lane With AMR

As a provider of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for BMW Group, idealworks solidifies its position as an automotive expert and propels the industry forward with modern technology. In a success story that spans multiple BMW Group plants, idealworks is transforming the logistics landscape, simultaneously enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and safety.    

The collaboration between idealworks and BMW Group not only serves as a testament to their shared history but also represents a groundbreaking development that sets industry standards, according to both companies. This partnership enables a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the Group, resulting in tailored solutions that enhance operational competence. idealworks’ expertise in the automotive industry allows the company to anticipate BMW Group’s requirements and deliver innovative, reliable solutions that contribute to success. 

BMW Logistics in the Spotlight 

he implementation of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem in the BMW Group’s factories significantly contributes to advancing the public perception of BMW’s logistics capabilities. The successful introduction of idealworks’ technology in major production facilities such as Regensburg, Dingolfing, Munich, and Spartanburg (USA) underscores its impact. Furthermore, there are already plans for further deployments within the production network, including Steyr (Austria), Hams Hall (United Kingdom), and Leipzig.  

BMW Group’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies is evident in its trust in ixsdealworks’ robotics ecosystem. By choosing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) instead of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), the Group has established itself as a leader in the industry. The advantages of AMRs become apparent in mixed traffic and brownfield facilities where flexibility and adaptability are of paramount importance. idealworks’ AMRs navigate seamlessly through these complex environments, ensuring efficiency and safety. 

Peter Kiermaier, Head of Logistics Planning for Dingolfing & Debrecen Plants, Industrialization Innovations at BMW Group, confirms: “The robotics ecosystem of idealworks has revolutionized our logistics processes at BMW Group. Their advanced solution portfolio and expertise have contributed to remarkable improvements in efficiency, flexibility, and safety in our plants, setting new standards in the industry and leading the Group to even greater success.” In addition to providing AMRs, idealworks and BMW Group collaborate closely to integrate third-party devices, including mobile robots, into the robotics ecosystem. This strategic partnership enables BMW Group to further optimize its operations, streamline processes, and maximize productivity. Leveraging idealworks’ expertise in the automotive industry and beyond, the Bavarian automaker gains a competitive advantage and can more easily adapt to changing market demands.

idealworks’ technology has a significant presence, with nearly 600 iw.hubs operational in BMW Group plants. The intelligent AMRs execute approximately 30,000 orders daily, covering significant distances to deliver crucial components and optimize workflows. The volume of deployments and kilometers traveled is evidence of the efficiency and reliability of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem. 

Reliable with 98% Availability 

One of the key performance indicators is the availability of the idealworks solution: With 98%, BMW Group benefits from the consistent performance of the AMR. This high rate ensures uninterrupted operation and minimizes downtime while maximizing productivity. The success story of the robotics ecosystem in BMW Group’s facilities speaks of innovation, collaboration, and technological competence. By choosing AMR for its highly complex production environment, BMW Group has opted for a solution that enhances the efficiency, flexibility, and safety of its logistics operations. With their shared history and commitment to innovation, the Munich-based companies continue to shape the automotive landscape and drive the industry forward. 


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Corporate Communications
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About idealworks

As a forward-thinking deep tech company, idealworks has been enabling the future of logistics and industrial automation since November 2020. Its flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem, featuring the intelligent automation platform AnyFleet for seamless mobile robot integration, the CE-certified autonomous mobile robot (AMR) iw.hub, and the advanced robotics operating system iw.os, is reshaping intralogistics processes for companies globally. Emerging from its roots as a BMW Group spinoff, idealworks is committed to driving efficiency and operational optimization in a rapidly evolving automation landscape.

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