First Robotics Partners: Robotics Ecosystem at LogiMAT 2023

April, 2023

idealworks Unveils Powerful Robotics Ecosystem at LogiMAT 2023 With First Robotics Partners.

idealworks, a Munich-based technology and automation company, is expanding its robotics ecosystem with new components, including full robot interoperability through partnerships with FARobot, SHERPA Mobile Robotics, and symovo. Together with idealworks, these independent suppliers of robotics systems will be demonstrating an integrated intralogistics solution at LogiMAT 2023. For the first time, they will be working together in a unified platform, AnyFleet.

idealworks has established first partnerships with leading robotics companies to enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses across various industries. More partnerships will follow in the coming months. Through these alliances, idealworks can provide unmatched solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of clients, reinforcing its leading position in the industrial automation field. By bringing together the strengths and expertise of each company, idealworks offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio as part of its robotics ecosystem, which is unmatched in the market, according to idealworks CEO Michael Alexander Schneider: “We are thrilled to partner with FARobot, SHERPA Mobile Robotics, and symovo, three robotics companies to cater to diverse use cases, to showcase the latest innovations in robotics and automation, and to continue executing our vision of providing a flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem.“

The company is eagerly anticipating the vast possibilities that will arise from its collaborations and is excited to embark on this new phase of growth and innovation: “Our goal is to offer the best fleet management solutions to our clients and provide our partners with AnyFleet’s benefits through robot integration into our cloud platform. This integration will give a significant competitive advantage compared to mere visualization tools or traffic management via VDA 5050 standard.”

At LogiMAT 2023, idealworks will showcase a live demonstration of the multi- company integration outcome with the iw.hub, SMR250, SHERPA-B, and movo-one performing collaborative logistics missions. The cloud platform AnyFleet will centrally control the robots.


FARobot, a Foxconn and ADLINK joint venture

Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 2020, FARobot is a joint venture specialized in enterprise robotics between Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, and ADLINK, one of the world’s leading edge computing companies. Integrating its AMRs SMR250 and SMR1000 into idealworks’ robotics ecosystem, FARobot is both one of idealworks’ first international robotics partners and its first APAC partner. The company’s robots customizable on-top-module design allows for seamless adaptability to different use cases, catering to the diverse needs of clients of different industries.

FARobot has introduced its intralogistics automation solution to leading global manufacturers, providing idealworks with unique outreach opportunities across Greater China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Mutually, according to Ryan Chen, General Manager at FARobot, the partnership with idealworks enables the company to expand their operations to Europe, as FARobot continues to grow and develop their business: “idealworks’ established presence in the European market will provide us with a unique opportunity to expand our reach and offer our advanced robotics technology to a new set of clients. By integrating our SMR250 and SMR1000 robots into AnyFleet, we can provide a differentiated solution that combines the strengths of both companies.”


French company SHERPA Mobile Robotics

Headquartered in Haguenau, France, SHERPA Mobile Robotics, owned by NORCAN Group, maintains a strong presence in Europe serving customers in the industrial and logistics sectors. SHERPA’s AMRs extend the AnyFleet solution portfolio with the ability to transport small load carriers (SLC) between conveyor belts, or on dollies. Connected to AnyFleet via idealworks’ Cloud Connector, their AMRs can be used in collaboration with humans through a follow-me mode for processing pick orders before the robots return to their autonomous mode when the pick list is complete.

“AnyFleet opens up new opportunities for us as well as for existing and potential customers. Connecting to the cloud platform and becoming VDA 5050-compliant via idealworks’ Cloud Connector was easy thanks to the support provided by the team,“ highlights Stephane Sandner, CEO at SHERPA Mobile Robotics.


Germany-based automation company symovo

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, symovo is specialized in the development of light- weight industrial robots and an easy-to-use system to enable SMEs to automate their intralogistics processes. Relying on AnyFleet, the robotics startup is yet another part of idealworks’ growing robotics ecosystem. symovo’s AMR movo-one can be completely configured within AnyFleet, allowing for a full integration of the system, creating new tasks and zones as well as adjusting existing settings. “We are grateful for the partnership between idealworks and symovo,” emphasizes Martin Hoppe, Co- Founder of symovo. “The seamless integration of movo-one into AnyFleet enables clients to fully automate their intralogistics, from small load carrier AMRs to pallet AMRs.”

While their products and services focus on the easy-to-use system to transport KLT containers up to 70 kg, clients benefit from full transparency and a one-stop solution for mixed fleets, where both setup and maintenance of the system are handled by AnyFleet.


Integrated Showcase at LogiMAT 2023

The integrated robotics solution will be showcased at Booth F40 in Hall 6 during LogiMAT 2023, which will take place from today, April 25th to Thursday, April 27th at Messe Stuttgart, Germany. Providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to see first-hand how idealworks’ robotics ecosystem can help them streamline their operations and improve productivity, attendees can expect to learn more about the benefits of idealworks’ robotics ecosystem and have the opportunity to see the AMRs in action.



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